How it all started...

We live in a hectic household. Husband, wife, 3 children, jobs, clubs and busy social lives. Yoga started as a way to relax and unwind after a busy day, but quickly became a passion. We decided to upgrade to a new yoga mat. One chilly autumnal evening we were browsing, and after looking at several different options, colours, sizes and styles it occurred to us, none capture our love of art and nature. We look at a yoga mat as a blank canvas, one that can indeed have Style, Performance and Sustainability.

That evening planted a seed of an idea...

  • Could we create a yoga mat that performed as well as the leading brands?
  • That was also sustainable, bio-degradable as well as body and planet friendly?
  • And also captured our love of art and nature with a stylish, truly uniquely designed mat?

That's where 'One Happy Yogi' was born. Out came the sketch pad (we don't actually own one, so used our youngest sons vast array of paper stashed in his room) and after multiple brainstorming sessions, the rough designs were created. 

Next we contacted a supremely talented local artist, Katy Rose (@KatyRoseDesign). Katy took our exciting idea and awful sketches and created four incredible designs. Our world is full of natural beauty and splendour and these have been captured beautifully with four unique illustrations, hand drawn by an exceptionally talented artist on the Isle of Wight.

Featuring vibrant flowers rising from the earth, busy bees collecting pollen, majestic animals, an array of underwater sea life and beautiful botanical plants, our mats capture our love of nature and art perfectly. 

We hope you love our mats as much as we do. It has been a long journey and a real labour of love, but we couldn't be happier with our four amazing yoga mats. 

With love and gratitude,

The 'One Happy Yogi' team

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